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This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 856-202-5402 to order.
The Calypso regulator enjoys the reputation of being a work horse and why not, it is the regulator of choice for dive centers around the globe. Its in-line piston design and easy breathing performance coupled with its attractive price makes this a very popular regulator.
• In-line, high-flow piston design means fewer components, excellent reliability and easy maintenance
• Large diameter of piston guarantees a more stable medium pressure output
• The 6 large holes in the end cap results in easier cleaning as well as better thermal exchange, thus improving the freezing resistance
• Features 1 HP port and 4 MP ports
• Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box
• Mid-size, high performance demand valve second stage
• Easy-to-grip venturi knob stops unwanted freeflow when the regulator is out of your mouth
• Comes with Aqua Lung’s Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece which reduces jaw fatigue
• A grid built into the exhaust tee creates finer exhaust bubbles for less noise and more stability
• Easy purge front cover
• The side openings on the front cover prevent freeflow when facing into currents or riding a scooter
• This quick-connect model allows the 2nd stage to be removed and reattached without tools. This allows quick change-outs in the field and locker
• Can easily be reversed from right-handed to left-handed configuration by an authorized Aqua Lung dealer without additional parts
• Offers a traditional hose attachment via a swivel nut
• The classic version is not reversible from right-handed to left-handed configuration
• The Classic version is the better choice for coldwater diving as it is more resistant to freezing than the Quick Connect version

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