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Service Department
Need help with your scuba equipment? Ocean Spirit Aquatics is a certified cylinder inspection & valve repair site.
We also service the complete line of Aqualung products.
Visit us for annual service and repair of your scuba equipment.

Did you make the "mistake" of buying scuba gear somewhere else? We forgive you!
Bring it in for us to evaluate, no charge.
We will assemble and test it or evaluate it for function and let you know if it needs addition service.
Regulator/BCD Service
Annual 8 point Regulator Inspection Service
Bi-Annual Overhaul Regulator Service
BCD Service (not including parts)
Computer Battery Service (not including parts)
Most Computer Dive watches must be returned to the manufacture for battery replacement and service. Additional cost will apply.
Air and Nitrox Fills
Air - Pony and Paint Ball Bottles
Air - 50 CF Cylinders and up
Nitrox - Pony Bottles up to 40%
Nitrox - 50 CF Cylinders and up - up to 40%
Nitrox - Pony Bottles - 41% to 100%
Nitrox - 50 CF Cylinders and up - 41% to 100%

All air cylinders must have current VIP & Hydro prior to filling!
All EAN cylinders must have current VIP - Hydro - O2 cleaning prior to filling!
No Exceptions!
Scuba Certification is required to fill, purchase or rent compressed air cylinders for diving.
The use of compressed air cylinders without the proper training and certification can lead to injury or death.
Nitrox Certification is required for O2 fills up to 40%.
Advance Nitrox certification is required for O2 fills from 40% to 100%.
Customers are required to show proof of certification and sign EAN Log sheet at time of purchase.
Cylinder Inspection
Annual Visual Inspection
5 Year Hydro Inspection
Valve Repair/Overhaul
Cylinder cleaning and Tumbling
O2 Cylinder and Valve Cleaning for Nitrox Tanks

Emergency First Response
Divers Alert Network
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